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Presentations at Seminar "PEDv and how piglets can benefit from Plasma seminar" held on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 in Utrecht (The Netherlands)

pdf-128   1. Agenda and speakers.pdf
pdf-128   2. EAPA presentation VIV 2014.pdf
pdf-128   3.1.Spray drying VIV Martijn Fox.pdf
pdf-128   3.2. Virus inactivation risk assessment Lourens Heres.pdf
pdf-128   4. EAPA Safety of SDPP in front PEDvJavier Polo.pdf
pdf-128   5. Workshop on plasma 21 May 2014 Jos Houdijk.pdf
pdf-128   PCR-May2014.pdf
pdf-128   PEDV (26-May-14) short.pdf