Bulk feeds containing blood products must be transported in vehicles that do not transport feeds for ruminants at the same time. If the vehicle is subsequently used for the transport of feeds for ruminants, it must first be thoroughly cleaned with a procedure approved by the competent authority. 

Commercial documents, labels and health certificates relating to feeds must clearly show the words: ‘contains blood products; shall not be fed to ruminants’. 

Labelling and transport products to be used in piglet feeds and fish feeds are the same. Additionally, each consignment destined for fish feed must be checked by microscopy before release.

Feeds containing blood products are permitted on farms that keep ruminants if the competent authority is satisfied that implemented on-farm measures are sufficient to prevent these feeds being given to ruminants.

Home compounders are allowed to use blood products in their feeds if they are registered by the competent authorities, keep only non-ruminants and produce feed only for use on the same holding. 

For product specifications, functionalities and technicalities please see the websites of EAPA members.