Presentations at Seminar "PEDv and how piglets can benefit from Plasma seminar" held on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 in Utrecht (The Netherlands)

pdf-128 1. Agenda and speakers.pdf
pdf-128 2. EAPA presentation VIV 2014.pdf
pdf-128 3.1.Spray drying VIV Martijn Fox.pdf
pdf-128 3.2. Virus inactivation risk assessment Lourens Heres.pdf
pdf-128 4. EAPA Safety of SDPP in front PEDvJavier Polo.pdf
pdf-128 5. Workshop on plasma 21 May 2014 Jos Houdijk.pdf
pdf-128 PCR-May2014.pdf
pdf-128 PEDV (26-May-14) short.pdf

Presentation Albert Tacon, Florence May 12, 2006 
'The current & potential use of animal proteins in aquafeeds' 
Power Point presentation (28 MB) 


Presentation Dr. Jonathan Shepherd, Director General IFFO, 
Stavanger, September 27, 2006

'The use of Marine Resources for Aquaculture'


Overview of World Feed Protein Needs and Supply
FAO report 2006

Perspectives for food 2030 - Furture fish
Brussels, April 2007, 
dr. Karl A Almas, 
Sintef, Norway

Meeting feed supply challenges
Presentation Dr. Albert G.J. Tacon, 
China,  May 2007